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Medicines Strategy for Wales


This document sets out a five-year strategy for AWMSG, aligned with Welsh Government’s publication ‘Together for Health’, to ensure safe and effective medicines are made available for patients in Wales. Consistent with the values in ‘Together for Health’, AWMSG is committed to conducting its work in an open and transparent manner.  The AWMSG Five-year Strategy recommendations relate to seven priority areas identified in ‘Together for Health’: Improving health (Medicines appraisals, Prescribing guidance), One system for health, Fully integrated network of care, Aiming at excellence, Transparency of performance, Partnership with the public,and Making every penny count.

AWMSG Five-year strategy 2013-2018


The following documents on the Medicines Strategy for Wales are available:

Medicines strategy for Wales executive summary
Medicines strategy for Wales
Medicines strategy 1: Quality
Medicines strategy 2: Access
Medicines strategy 3: Optimal use